Vinegar Pot - Vinegar jar - Midnight Blue 116,00134,00
Pot à vinaigre de Digoin couleur naturel
Pot à vinaigre - vinaigrier - Naturel 116,00134,00

Vinegar – Vinegar pot – White

Colors: Natural sandstone, White

Boxwood faucet and cork provided

Contains: 3 L and 4,7 L

Dimensions: 3L = D. 16 cm x h. 20 cm / 4,7 L = D. 19 cm x h. 22 cm

Colors available : Natural, Midnight blue, Yellow mustard and white

Dishwasher washable

Developed and manufactured in France.

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A beautiful vinegar pot made in France

This type of pot is typical from the Manufacture and is in high demand. We can find it in many kitchens. For the pleasure of everyone, The Manufacture of Digoin offer this white vinegar jar. With a premium hand made, this product has everything to please.

Unique design

The design is not chosen at random. Everything has been done to make it ergonomic. It also appeals to the eyes especially with the color of which it is adorned, the white. It is a color that easily seduces like black, moreover, arouses the appetite. In addition, if white seems too mundane, we can also ask for another color: Natural, Midnight Blue, Yellow Mustard…

Available with 3 liters and 4,7 liters

As with other vinegar jars, the manufacturer has planned two models for this one, the 3 liters and 4.7 liters one. For this point, we do not have a wide choice.

Beautiful vinegar jar made in France

The vinegar jar is an indispensable utensil in a kitchen. It is both a practical object and a decorative accessory. It is easy to seduce by its very elaborate finish and its design in general.

Many colors available

So it is its clean but rather elegant shape that remains the main asset of this vinegar jar? This time the color chosen is white with a half in natural will. Like black, would most people like it? In addition, it goes with any decoration. Digoin also offers this article in version: Natural, Midnight Blue, Mustard Yellow…

Two untyings available

In addition, one also has the choice between several dimensions: 3 L and 4.7 L, with a height of 20 and 220 cm respectively. No matter what model you choose, this pot does not take up too much space.

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3L, 4,7L

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