Saladier et bol couleur grès naturel de la Manufacture de digoin, Saladier XL, Bol design
Saladier et Bol - Naturel 16,0060,00
Bol et Saladier Blanc en grès et poterie de la Manufacture de Digoin
Saladier et Bol - Blanc 16,0060,00

Vinegar jar – Vinegar pot – Mustard Yellow

Boxwood faucet and cork provided

Colors: Natural sandstone, mustard yellow

Available Colors: Garrigue Green, Praline Red, Ecume, Etain, Matte Black, Natural, Night Blue,Mustard Yellow and White

Contains: 3 L and 4,7 L

Dimensions: 3L = D. 16 cm x h. 20 cm / 4,7 L = D. 19 cm x h. 22 cm

Resists the heat

Dishwasher washable

Developed and manufactured in France

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Elegant yellow mustard vinegar jar

Looking at this vinegar jar, you quickly notice the impressive work of the manufacturer. It is hard to believe that it was done by hand. Apart from its practicality, this utensil is an element that has just decorated the kitchen.

A bot that adapts to customers’ tastes

This product comes from the Manufacture of Digoin, a company specializing in the handmade manufacture of accessories like this vinegar jar. This one came here with the mustard yellow color. It should be noted that only the top half has this pain. The other half is made of natural sandstone. If yellow is not suitable, so we have other alternatives such as: Natural, Blue Night, and White.

Two models are available

For dimensions, we have two choices, either we opt for the 0.5 liters model with a height of 20 cm or the one in 1 liter of 22 cm height.

A very elegant handmade product

We immediately notice the perfect finish of this vinegar jar. This is a testament to the work that has been applied and meticulous. The craftsmen of the Digoin Manufacture want consumers to be fully satisfied. Nothing more normal if this pot is enough requested.

A vinagar jar with a unique design

Even if it is handmade, it is solid and esthetic. This model is available in the color yellow-mustard and natural sandstone. These are two colors in harmony with the décor of the kitchen. In reality we have the choice between several variations: Natural, Blue Night, and White. This makes it possible to vary the testes a little. What’s more, you can order a 0.5 liters version with a height of 20 cm, the one in 1 liter of 22 cm height. Delivery can take time depending on the model chosen.

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3L, 4,7L

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