Bol vert mousse en grès naturel de Digoin
Saladier et Bol - Vert mousse 16,0060,00
Vinaigrier Digoin Manufacture de grès et poterie Digoin, Vinaigrier Made In France
Pot à vinaigre - Vinaigrier - Blanc 116,00134,00

Vinegar Pot – Vinegar jar – Midnight Blue

Boxwood faucet and cork provided

Colors: Natural sandstone, Midnight Blue

Available Colors: Garrigue Green, Praline Red, Ecume, Etain, Matte Black, Natural, Night Blue,Mustard Yellow and White

Contains: 3 L and 4,7 L

Dimensions: 3L = D. 16 cm x h. 20 cm / 4,7 L = D. 19 cm x h. 22 cm

Resists the heat

Dishwasher washable

Developed and manufactured in France

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A trendy accessory: the midnight blue vinegar jar

If you like originality and local products, you can only succumb to this pot. It has been made by craftsmen of the Digoin Manufacture. So they fashioned an accessory that was both chic and practical. Especially because it is sold with a very affordable price.

A pot with a seductive design

This is a pot that is out of the ordinary. It comes in several models. First of all, we find the dimensions: 3 L and 4.7 L. No matter how much it’s in capacity, this pot remains very discreet. It will not take up space on the worktop. The material with which it was fashioned is quite solid. This accessory also benefits from a beautiful design. It acts more as a decorative object than as a utensil. Indeed, we notice its finish that is out of the ordinary.

Chic and resistant vinegar jar

For those looking for an original utensil, La Manufacture de Digoin is a must-have specialist. This vinegar jar is a unique piece accessible at a reasonable price. It was made by a craftsman specializing in this field. Even handmade, this one is accomplished in terms of design and solidity.

Excellent design

On the aesthetic side, this vinegar jar has nothing to envy to collectibles. Its design is unique. The top including the lid is midnight blue. The other half is in natural sandstone. It must be said that the complete vinegar jar is rather beautiful to see. Especially since the outer surface of this accessory is polished as desired.

Two versions

In this case, it can be purchased in two versions: 3 L and 4.7 L but also, in other variations: Natural, Yellow Mustard and White. The material with which the pot was designed is ultra resistant.

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3L, 4,7L

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